Race Report: Skåbu Fjellmaraton 2018

Foto: Skånu Fjellmaraton

Løpsrapport fra Skåbu Fjellmaraton, 29. september 2018. Skrevet av Leonhard Faubel.

On Friday the 28th September at 15:30 was the departure. We went with two cars, eight guys and a girl to Skåbu to participate at the Fjellmaraton. After four hours of driving and a lot of joy including “car-games”, we finally arrived at the cabin. After a little run in the dark we ate tons of pasta and drank a lot of water to prepare ourselves to the run. We were warming up in the morning  after a little pasta and cereals and some coffee. As warmup we loosened our muscles with slow running and circling our arms.


Finally it was almost time to run the half-marathon. At about 11:25 I recognized that it was too warm in my jacket and took it off. Therefore I had to put my number on the t-shirt instead. Everyone was so friendly and smiling at me. At 11:29 I realized that the reason for that could be that my number was upside down 😀 Too late! I had to run! The start was very comfortable. I started very slow, enjoyed the view on the mountains and appreciated that it was not snowing or raining. Running all the way down to the Olstappen lake was a good possibility to get warm and relaxed. The lakes and the creeks, bridges and rocks around the trail were really beautiful. It was very warm in the valley compared to Skåbu. No need to wear gloves or a hat anymore. Finally we reached the last challenge of the race: the way back up to Skåbu with a big altitude difference. I didn’t expect that it would be as easy to ramp up and ended up on the 25th.

We had a very nice time together at an awesome place! Thanks for a great adventures running weekend!



Plassering (totalt/klasse) Navn Tid
1. (1) Magnus Warvik 3:03:44
3. (2) Morten Haugsvær 3:08:49
4. (3) Erlend Hansen 3:11:49
10. (6) Haakon S. Bergsholm 3:45:43


Plassering (totalt/klasse) Navn Tid
8. (3) Martin Dorber 1:30:40
25. (6) Leonhard Faubel 1:49:28

7.5 km

Plassering (totalt/klasse) Navn Tid
4. (2) Ole Emil Frisvold 40:56
9. (1) Kieu-Van June Bui 43:50
23. (4) Svenn-Helge Vatne 49:46

Fullstendige resultater: EQ Timing

Løpsrapport fra kondis.no: Skåbu fjellmaraton ble lørdag arrangert for tredje gang

Løpsrapport fra sportsmanden.no: http://www.sportsmanden.no/archives/47816

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