Race Report: Studentlekene Bergen Challenge 2018

This weekend, runners from NTNUI Friidrett attended at the Student Games in Bergen competing in several of races from 100m to half marathon. With some good results, NTNUI won the total athletics competition!

(Results below!)


On Friday there was competition in 100m, 200m, 800m and 4x 200m relay. Three runners from NTNUI competed in the distances at Fana Stadium. Nice to see our former leader and sprinter, Svenn Helge Vatne, making a good figure at running the 100m and 200m. Gold at the 100m and bronze at the 200m 30 minutes after was a result in respect of!

Svenn-Helge Vatne, 200m
Start 4x 200m realy
100m race
Magnus W. Warvik
Podium 100m
Happy runners!



On Saturday morning it was time for the half marathon. Three attendants from the group was ready, although two were a little affected after yesterday’s races.

This is what one of the runners, Erlend Hansen, experienced:

The days before the half marathon I checked the weather forecast, and it reported heavy wind and a lot of rain. Typical Bergen. This one was going to be a tough one.
As we moved to the start at Fana stadium Saturday morning, the rain poured down leaving us soaked before the start. We discussed a bit about clothing, but the temperature was fine, and I decided to run in singlet and shorts leaving the gloves behind. More clothes were going to slow me down anyway because of the rain. My legs were fresh and ready because I had not been racing the day before like Magnus and Jonas, and I did a good warm-up before the start. I was a bit concerned about Magnus complaining about a bad knee, but he said he was trying to run anyway and see how it goes. It turned out not to be such a bad idea.

Mass start half marathon

After the start, we quickly became a group of 8 people in the front. After staying in the group for 3km with a pace around 3:30 min/km, I decided to let them go and run my own race because this was going too fast for me! I was surprised by the speed of the other runners, but I had to think of my own battle. There were still 19 km to beat. I was happy with the pace I ran, although parts of the road were like running in a stream! I overtook the 6th place after 8km and cheered for Magnus in front and Jonas when I was by rounding (the track was 10.6 km back and forth). I managed to keep up the pace to the finish line and was quite happy with the result! Almost beat my pb with 3 minutes from racing the half marathon in Trondheim 6 weeks back! Shocked by the win from Magnus with a super strong 1.13:30 (!) we moved back to the accommodation for a hot shower and preparing for the banquet in the evening ending the Student games in Bergen.

Finished with the half marathon, ready for the banquet!
Podium half marathon












100 m

Place Name Team Time
1. Svenn-Helge Vatne NTNUI 12.82 s
2. Apoorvan Sockanathan NHHI 14.59 s

200 m

Place Name Team Time
1. Øystein Aas BSI 25.06 s
2. Lasse Tollefsen BSI 27.50 s
3. Svenn-Helge Vatne NTNUI 31.60 s

800 m

Place Name Team Time
1. André Juvland TRIMIUS 2.08
2. Jonas Riseth NTNUI 2.08
3. Magnus Winther Warvik NTNUI 2.18

4 x 200m relay

Place Team Time
1. NHHI 1.47
2. BSI 1.50
3. HiBI 1.53
4. NTNUI 1.56

Half marathon – men

Place Name Team Time
1. Magnus Winther Warvik NTNUI 01:13:32
2. Martin Kristiansen NHHI 01:14:00
3. Arne Kalland-Olsen NHHI 01:16:35
4. Arne Nygård NHHI 01:16:52
5. Jonas Riseth NTNUI 01:17:23
6. Erlend Hansen NTNUI 01:18:40
7. Bjørn Alexander Hovland HiBI 01:19:31
8. Martin Digranes NHHI 01:19:38
9. Erik Vadla BSI 01:19:42
10. Petter Elias Røkke NHHI 01:23:51
11. Anders Austad HiBI 01:24:05
12. Even Årekol NTNUI-Ålesund 01:24:09
13. Viktor Svensson HiBI 01:25:08
14. Erlend Solhaug Myklebust NHHI 01:26:17
15. Petter Ihlebæk NTNUI 01:26:32
16. Sigurd Bøe VSIL 01:27:36
17. Håkon Andresen OSI 01:28:30
18. Thorvald Mosvold NHHI 01:30:08
19. Erlend Godager NHHI 01:31:40
20. Håvard Lergernæs NHHI 01:35:24
21. Nicolai Hoel NMBUI 01:36:15
22. Antonio Johansen Cubedo NTNUI-Ålesund 01:53:05
23. Caspar Vinje Hagland NMBUI 01:53:42
24. Nicolai Birkeland GSI 02:04:08
25. Edward El Hayek VSI 02:04:18

Half marathon – women

Place Name Team Time
1. Karoline Saltemark NHHI 01:35:40
2. Julie Osen NHHI 01:40:53
3. Malene Knutsen Breivik HiBI 01:41:43
4. Ragnhild Seim NHHI 01:45:09
5. Sunniva Riibe MRK Bergen 01:45:17
6. Siv Simonsen HiBI 01:45:56
7. Elin Farestveit NHHI 01:48:24
8. Iris Einarsdottir NHHI 01:55:55
9. Ingrid Beisland NHHI 01:56:15


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