Race Report: Nidarø Rundt

   Race report from the 1. race of the Vinterkarusell. Written by Erlend Hansen

Start 5 km Foto: Jan Arthur Aune

The fall has come to Trondheim. You can tell it for sure, as the days are getting shorter and the weather is getting colder. For most people it means that the competition season is over, but for many other runners in Trondheim, it’s the start for the “Vinterkarusell”!

Yesterday, Wednesday 26.09, the first competition of 6 was held. The weather forecast reported strong wind and rain, but as the races started the weather cleared up for the runners. The weather gods showed mercy!

There were two races, a 5km and a 10km. We had members running both distances, and with some good results!
In the 10km, NTNUI Friidrett took home the gold with a 1st place to Erlend Hansen!
In the 5km, Magnus Warvik was 1 second(!) behind the podium and ended on a strong 4th place. Several of our runners have suffered from illness the last period, but they attended anyway and finished! Impressed by all who attended though the bad weather.


Results EQtiming

Nidarø rundt – 5 km

Place Name Time
4. Magnus Warvik 15:38
48. Ole Emil Frisvold 19:45
56. Thomas Rakke 20:45

Nidarø Rundt – 10 km

Place Name Time
1. Erlend Hansen 35:36
12. Martin Dorber 40:20

Article from the race in Kondis:


Neste løp i Vinterkarusellen:

  1. Onsdag 26. september: Nidarø Rundt — 5 km og 10 km på Trondheim Stadion på Øya kl. 18:20.
  2. Tirsdag 23. oktober — 5 km på Leangen kl. 18:30.
  3. Lørdag 17. november — 5 km på Leangen kl. 11:00.
  4. Tirsdag 15. januar — 3000 m i Ranheimshallen med puljestarter fra 18:00.
  5. Tirsdag 12. februar — 3000 m i Ranheimshallen med puljestarter fra 18:00.
  6. Tirsdag 26. mars — 5 km på Leangen kl. 18:30.


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