Welcome to Ski og Fjellsport

Image: Kari Noer Lilli , Sigmund Ole Granaas, Steffen Bakker

Ski og Fjellsport is one of NTNUI’s subgroup for outdoor activities. Ski og Fjellsport translates as skiing and mountaineering, but we focus on outdoor activities in a broad sense. More…

What can I do on your website?

What are we doing?

Nearly every weekend during the fall and spring semester, we and our trip coordinators organize a variety of trips. This includes glacier-, hiking-, tent/cabin-, back-country/ski touring-, ice-skating-, climbing-, mountain bike-, and a lot of other trips. So, something for everyone! Check our calender!

You can just join our trips or get active yourself and organize a trip as a trip coordinator! In that way, you don’t have to go on your dream trip alone but instead, some like-minded people will join you. We also have a lot of equipment in storage to enable a lot of different trips.

During the week we keep it easy. We meet up in the evening, to go running, bouldering, skiing or just having a drink together. Then we chat a little bit about our latest trips and future plans. Check our social events!

We have a sponsor?

We have a sponsor contract with Skandinavisk Høyfjellsutstyr, and as a member of NTNUI Ski og Fjellsport, you can get discounts buying equipment there (up to 15 %). You only have to show your NTNUI sticker to get the discount.

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