Welcome to Ski og Fjellsport

Image: Kari Noer Lilli , Sigmund Ole Granaas, Steffen Bakker

Ski og Fjellsport is one of NTNUI’s subgroup for outdoor activities. Ski og Fjellsport translates as skiing and mountaineering, but we focus on outdoor activities in a broad sense

Nearly every weekend we organize a variety of trips. This includes glacier, hiking, back-countr, ski touring, ice-skating, climbing, mountain bike, and a lot of other trips. Usually we sleep in tents, hammock, cabin or under the open sky. During the week we also arrange sosial events like running, bouldering, skiing or just having a drink together. Check out our facebook page for the sosial events. The weekend trips are sent out on email, for joining the emailist see: Join us

Become a trip coordinator

You can join a trip, or get more involve by becoming a trip-coordinator! As a trip-coordinator you will join a committee: Amundsen, Nansen or the social committee. Than you can arrange a trip with your fellow comittee members. At the same time you can join other events and trips with the board and other committees. For more information check out Trip coordinators