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Photo from Kari Noer Lilli showing Ski og Fjellsport members on a ski tour

So, you are eager to join us and our trips? Amazing! Down below, you should find all the answers to your questions!

Image: Kari Noer Lilli

How can I become a member?

Easy! It’s only two steps:

To sign into the group push “Bli med” og log in with a user. The first time you log in you need to push “Aktiver bruker”. This require an NTNUI/SIT membership to be registered. Then you are automatically added to our maillist.

How can I join your trips?

Press the button below and you will find all our upcoming events and trips. Every trip on our calendar will include some information about the trip itself.

  • Approximately 2 weeks before the trip starts, a link for signing up and more information will be then sent out via our mailing list to your email. Follow the sign-up link if you want to join.
  • Then, at least 1 week before the trip starts you will get an email about whether you got a spot on the trip and when the pre-meeting for the trip is.
  • After the pre-meeting, you will be all set to have an amazing trip.

How can I become a trip coordinator and organize some trips?

Wow! It’s super amazing, that you are up for that! Click the button below and we hock you up with all the information you need to become one of our trip coordinators.

Psst, there are benefits for trip coordinators!

How can I leave the group and unsubscribe from the mails?

Go into Ski & Fjellsport and click ” Leave group” at the bottom

If tou are wondering about something send us a message on:

Do you have any technical issues regarding logging in, registration or others?

  1. Wait a couple of days if you have just registered
  2. Add a note in the excel file with the description of the problem