Trip coordinators

You have an idea for a stunning trip? Then become a trip coordinator and organize a tour together with amazing, like-minded people.

Image: Kari Noer Lilli

What does a trip coordinator do?

Trip coordinators are planning and organizing our trips. Besides guiding the trip, they organize the transport, food and equipment in advance. It is a bit of work, but we will help you and equip you with nice gear.

What are the benefits of being a trip coordinator?

Being a trip coordinator is not just a matter of infinite glory, but also you will find a lot of new friends. Further, you are invited to our special “trip coordinator tour” and you will have access to our equipment.

I am interrested but don’t have a good idea for a tour!

Just contact us and we will show you some possibilities. Then you can decide

I am interessted but I don’t know a second tour coordinator!

You are not allone, just contact us and we will help you to get in contact with others. 🙂

How can I become a trip coordinator?

Amazing! We are happy to hear that you want to become one. First, you have to be a member. Then, there are two steps to get into the “inner circle”:

  • Fill out the following form. Thereby we can get to know you better and maybe match you with other trip coordinators that have no trip partner yet. Trips are always organized in teams of two.
  • Join our trip coordinator Facebook group. Here you can talk with other trip coordinators. Further, you get the date and location for our trip coordinator meeting at the beginning of each semester. Also, you find some additional information there as well.
I’m a trip coordinator and want to organize a tour!

That’s great! All the information you need to do so can be found in our trip coordinator lounge. The password to access it, you’ll get on the trip coordinator meeting or after you signed up with the form.

If you forgot the password just send us a message.