Welcome to Trondheim and NTNUI Roing!

What is rowing?

Who is it for?

How to get out in a boat as soon as possible?

What do we do in NTNUI Roing besides the workouts?

Is rowing something for me?

If you are wondering about some of this, come join us on our meeting Thursday the 29th of august 18.30 at Gløshaugen, check it out on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/events/364248277851497/

Come meet up with us to get information about rowing, trainings, what we have done this previous season, and what’s up for the rest of the season! After the meeting, it will be an open training as part of the “aktivCampus”. For more information, check this out: https://ntnui.no/arrangementer/aktivcampus/

The training is not manditory for joining NTNUI Roing, but is an offer for those of you who are curious of what our trainings are like!


More info is yet to come, so keep postet!


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