Tests, week 44


tl;dr Tests in week 44 and 45, check the calendar.

Like all the major Norwegian rowing clubs we will arrange different physiological tests in week 44. Because of this our schedule will look a bit different in both week 44 and 45, so check out the calendar to see what we have in store for you! If you are new in the club (or a foreigner) and wonder what the test week is about, it is a program developed by The Norwegian Rowing Federation used to measure your physiological capabilities as a rower. You do the tests, hand in your results to us and then we send them to NRF and they calculate a score for each rower. Throughout the winter you will have two more test weeks, and if you train smart and hard you will see significant improvements on your score. We recommend that all the members in the club take the tests, especially the 2k and the 5k test.

The program: We will arrange three 2k sessions on October 27th, three 5k sessions on October 29th and mobility/1min/strength (squat, bench pull) tests on October 31st. We will also have additional 2k and 5k sessions on Thursday, November 5th (week 45) in case you couldn’t make it in week 44.

To make the logistics work, it is important that you don’t use more time than scheduled. On Tuesday the three 2k sessions each have 30 minutes to warm up, test and to wind down. Prioritize a good warm-up on the erg over the cool down, as you always can wind down on the stationary bikes at The Gallery if you’re out of time. To have some leeway, assume you will use 10 minutes on the 2k itself. On Thursday all the sessions also have 30 minutes to warm up, do the test and wind down which isn’t optimal. Therefore, fill up the 1st and 3rd session first and if there is no need for the 2nd session the 1st and the 3rd session will get 15 minutes extra. If the 2nd session gets full we will probably have to arrange that session the following Tuesday or Thursday.

On Saturday the only test you have to do on the erg is the 1min test, but try to be finished with the ergs to 10:45. After the 1min test you do the mobility tests (this will be guided) and then at last you do the strength tests. The strength tests are done in the weightroom and usually they take some time since people work out there and we can’t reserve the weights.

Note that you are responsible for writing down your test results and handing them over to the board. On 2k and 5k, write down the time spent, and watt produced. On the 1 min, write down the watt produced and meters rowed. On the strength tests, write down the weight you lifted in kgs or if you are a comedian you can find some unusual unit of measurement. Fredrik, who reports our results to NRF, finds this absolutely hilarious. For more information about the tests in Norwegian, look here

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