Rules for rowing on the water

Rowing on the water usually takes place at Nidelven, but also the Trondheim Fjord and the canal at Skansen are included in the daily tranquility area. Rowing in boats where parts of the crew are inexperienced will take place on the Nidelven. In the summer and autumn, rowing often occurs on Jonsvatnet. For rowing elsewhere, clarification with the board is required.

In order to be able to row, at least two persons in the boat must be experienced rowers who is familiar with the Safety Regulations as well as where there is shallow water and the traffic rules. In addition, there are limitations on the various boats and what kind of crew they need. These limitations and a list of rowers and their qualifications can be found in this document.

For any questions regarding booking and materials in the club, contact the material manager.

Rowing at Nidelven should only occur when water levels are above 2m. It is not allowed to be rowing when it is dark, so all rowing should occur between sunrise and sunset. How to row on the river and how to cox can be found here: Coxing on the Nidelv

Winter rowing is risky and strict guidelines must be followed. The sporting officer in the club should be contacted in the event of rowing and it must be approved for rowing starts. You can find the rules for winter rowing here: Winter rowing NTNU

Below we see the driving rules that apply at Jonsvannet. It is important to study this carefully and not be in doubt when out on the water!