When is the best time to become a member of our rowing group?
The best time to become a member of our rowing group is at the start of the semester in August. We then have information meetings, novice training sessions, and an introduction course to rowing on the water at Jonsvannet.

I want to become a member of the rowing group, but we are in the middle of the semester. What should I do?
Send an email to roing-nestleder@ntnui.no or come meet us in "Sal 4" at our circuit training on Thursdays at 17.30.

I have been rowing before, what is the difficulty level at NTNUI Rowing?
At NTNUI Rowing we have a wide range of training - and experience levels. Our group consists of previous professional rowers, aspiring rowers, and novice rowers. At the start of each study year, approximately 25 new rowers join the group.

I have been rowing abroad/at a different club. What should I do to become a member?
If you have been rowing abroad or at a different club, you most likely do not need to attend our introduction course. We recommend that you email roing-nestleder@ntnui.no, where you will get more information on how to become a member.

How do I become a good rower?
In order to become a good rower you should attend many indoors sessions, gatherings, sessions on the water, and of course competitions such as the Student Championship, the Norwegian Championship, and Østlandsgattaen. Ask our experienced rowers for tips on how to improve your technique on the erg and on the water. You should be as curious as you can be and never be afraid to ask questions. Rowing videos on YouTube or WorldRowing are nice places to gather information. Rowing is a sport that demands both aerob and anaerob endurance, and improving these are important aspects to becoming a good rower. Check out our link for technique/physical/mental abilities in rowing.

How much time do I need to spend on NTNUI Rowing
It is completely up to you how much time you want to spend on NTNUI Rowing. Some of our members only attend a few sessions a month, while others attend every session. If you want to participate in competitions, you should be prepared to spend quite a lot of time, at least in the weeks prior to the competition, on rowing. 

We have in total 5 indoor sessions a week through the winter, with a duration of 60 to 90 minutes. When we are rowing on the water, the duration of our sessions may be a bit longer since we have to drive 20 minutes to Jonsvatnet. We also often need some extra time to adjust the boats and get them on to the water.

Can you become a member as an exchange student?
Everyone who wants to try rowing are welcome to do so, but we do have a constraint in regards to learning people how to row on water. That is why we sometimes need to prioritize students that will live in Trondheim for a number of years. 

What do I have to wear on our training sessions? (Outside and inside)
Inside: At the erg sessions we recommend clothing that sits tight to the body. This could be a rowing suit, tights, a t-shirt and shoes that are made to be worn inside. It usually gets very hot inside, which is why you should not wear too much clothes. At our circuit training we recommend the same, and you may use NTNUI clothing if you have them. 

Outside: The weather conditions are in charge! But we recommend clothing that sits tight to the body and windstopping uppers.

How much of a commitment is it to be a part of the group?
We do not have any requirements in that regard. You may attend as many or as few sessions as you want. We do however recommend to attend as much as possible, this way you get integrated in the social environment. 

What is 5x5 with instructor? (5x5 med instruktør). Is this a course?
At the beginning of the semester this session will be for novice rowers wishing to learn more about technique on the erg.

From mid September will every "5x5 with instructor" be supervised with an experienced rower which will give feedback on technique. To get admission to all our sessions, or to guest train with us. Please e-mail nestleder-roing@ntnui.no.