Sea kayaking

When: See Spond-event.
Bring: Wetsuit or drysuit.
Meet-up: Skansen.

Through the semester we usually have weekly sea kayak trips from Skansen.

To participate you have to be a member of the paddle group and have at least Beginner course (wetcard) for sea paddling. Registration is through Spond (app/website). You have to be a member to be in the Spond-group, link below.

Roll practice in Pirbadet

When: see Spond-event. 
Bring: Bathing suit, a 10-coin for locker, phone with Pirbadet app (create a user).
Meet-up: Past the entrance of Pirbadet, at least 10 minutes prior.

Every week in the dark half of the year we have pool training in Pirbadet. Here is your chance to perfect the roll before the coming paddle season!