How do I become a member?

See here

What does membership cost?

In addition to NTNUI membership you need a NTNUI padling membership.

Membership is 300 NOK if it is paid in the autumn semester, and lasts to end of August next year. If membership is paid after January 1st, it costs 200 NOK and lasts through August. One year membership is included in the price for the beginner course.

Do I have to be a student at NTNU to join?

You need a NTNUI membership. Are you uncertain if you are eligible for this you can ask in the reception at one of SiTs gyms.

I am a member. Can I bring friends who do not have wetcard and/or membership on paddling trips?

No. All use of paddle equipment requires membership and a wetcard for the paddle discipline.

What courses do the club offer?

We arrange beginner courses in whitewater and sea kayaking. Safety courses, technique courses and activity leader courses are arranged when there is interests among members or needed by the club.

What activities does the club have?
  • Weekly whitewater paddling on Nidelva
  • Sea kayaking every other week
  • Roll practice in Pirbadet in the winter
  • Padlepils (social event, drinking)
  • Whitewater trip to Sjoa
  • Longer trips with sea kayaks
I want to participate in a course, but I do not have a wetsuit or drysuit. May I borrow or rent?

The club does not have any suits for loan or rent. You can try asking in the Facebook group if anyone can lend you one.

Våttkort (‘Wetcard’)

What is a Wetcard?

The Norwegian Paddle Association (NPF) has developed a course ladder they have called Våttkort (‘Wetcard’). Many clubs and commercial lenders demand proof of Wetcard for borrowing or renting a kayak. This gives providers a security that the paddler has received a basic training in technique, safety and risk assessment.

Read more about Wetcard at padling.no

I have a Wetcard for whitewater. May I paddle a sea kayak at NTNUI?

No. There are different sets of skills and safety assessments to each discipline.

I have a Wetcard for sea kayaking. May I paddle whitewater at NTNUI?

No. There are different sets of skills and safety assessments to each discipline.

May I join rolling practice without Wetcard?

Yes, you can join indoor rolling practice in Pirbadet without a Wetcard, but you have to pay the training fee. If you take a course the same or following semester your course fee will be reduced, since training fee is included.


I am a member. May I borrow equipment at any time?

You can borrow equipment as long as there is no course or club trips. See the Facebook group if anything has been announced. 

Where do I report damages or deficiencies with the equipment or the storeroom?

Report to Elvesjef or Havsjef (head of whitewater or sea section), or use one form below

Report damage

Exchange student

I am an exchange student and I have paddled a lot of whitewater/sea kayak, but I don’t have a Wetcard. Do I need a beginner course?

If you have a different course-certificate, please send it to the head of the discipline you want to paddle. If you have some way of showing your experience please include this. If we are convinced that you hold at least a beginner course level we may include you on a training where we have an instructor that can assess whether a beginner course is necessary or not.