Borrowing – Sea

As a member you can borrow kayak and equipment as long as it doesn’t coincide with courses or events organised by the club (weekly training and trips).

Day trip from Skansen

Fill in your information in the log book (hanging on the inside of the door). All kayaks are numbered.

Other use

If you plan to borrow equipment to paddle from somewhere else (transportation) or plan to use it over several days, you have to apply to Havsjef (Head of sea section). Register your request in the form below, well in advance.


After each use:

  • Flush all equipment with freshwater (there is a hose available by the pier), especially cloth and metall pieces. The paddles split and flush the inside of the lock mechanism.
  • Empty boats for water.
  • Put equipment back to the assorted spot (everything is sorted by size for easy finding). Paddles are stored in one piece.
  • Hang throwing lines to dry (rope out of bag).

Damages and deficiency

If you discover new damages or deficiencies on the seawater equipment, or the storeroom itself, please notify in the form below. Seawater equipment is expected to go through some wear and tear, damages are expected and will be covered by the club. Neglect is not.

Paddle route to Munkholmen

To avoid dangerous incidents to and from Munkholmen (and everything to the east), cross the speedboat path by the pier entrance. The speedboats are big, fast and visible (you in a kayak are none of these things). The route is pictured below. 

Follow red route to Munkholmen. Image from