Trip #4 Blåtur




Dato: 11-14 april. Departure at gløs 1600 11 april!

Destination: Somewhere in norway <3

Price: 1000-1500 NOK

Waiting list?: Click here♥

Food allergies/preferences? Add a note on the payment page/Send a message to the provided telephone number!


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Hey there!

We are soon ready for the long avaited blåtur!
we will depart from gløs at 1600 on the 11th of april and be back the 14th of april.

the destination will be announced when we meet at gløs on the 11th! s

You can choose between two difernt types of tickets:

Tip: For those who have kitesurfed before and feel confident on your own, you will experience an unforgettable kite trip with like-minded kitesurfers! Price: 1000 NOK

Trip + rental: For those who have kitesurfed before and feel confident on your own, but need to rent equipment. you will be provided a harness, 2 x complete kites. Price: 1500 NOK (1000 for the trip and 500 for equipment)

The price covers transport, accommodation and dinner three days.

Transport: We are dependent that some of you are able to drive your own car. You will be given 3.5 NOK/km that should cover gasoline, insurance and wear and tear. Please notify us when purchasing if you are able to drive!

NTNUI Kite™ essentials – bring this!

  • Warm clothes + Windproof jacket
  • Clothes to use in a sauna!
  • Toiletries
  • Sleeping bag/ bedding
  • Towel
  • Money for necessities, such as breakfast/lunch (Beer:):))
  • Ski/snowboard equipment (helmet, googles, gloves, boots, ski or snowboard)

PS: You need to be a member of NTNUI and NTNUI-kite to join the trip and the course. To do so, simply go to This may be checked before departure.

Contact information in case of questions:

Hans tlf: +47 94479914

Make sure to read this: Terms and Conditions


Type of ticket

Trip, Trip + rental

Do you have a car?

Yes, I can drive my own car, No, I'll have to be a passenger

Food allergies/preferences?

No, I eat everything :), Yes, I'm allergic and will take contact to the provided phone number, I'm vegeterian/Vegan