Who can join trips and activities?

We arrange trips, courses and events for everyone who is a member of NTNUI and have paid a small membership fee at NTNUI Kite.

  1. Trip with course: For completely new kitesurfers, we have put togheter a special course package were you get training and the necessary knowledge to be able to kite on your own. We recommend that anyone who is unsure of their own skill level chooses this package, even those who may have taken a course a few years ago.
  2. Trip without a course: If you have kitesurfed before and feel confident on your own, you will experience an unforgettable kite trip with like-minded kitesurfers!
  3. Events/competitions: Sometimes we arrange light-hearted competitions for all skill levels. We often open these up to everyone who can kite. Here, the focus is more on the social side and that everyone should feel included.

How can I become a member?
  1. You register as a valid member at NTNUI. This can be done at one of SIT’s training centers. You will get a sticker on your student card.
  2. You transfer 100 NOK to the account 8601.43.53056 with message <Your name+ member>.
  3. Once these two steps are done you can send a request to https://medlem.ntnui.no/groups/kite/ and https://www.facebook.com/groups/amntnuikite. We will check payment before we approve your request.
How can i transfer money?

At the moment we only provide payments with bank transfer. Be sure to mark the transfer with <Your full name+ What you pay for>. Ex <Ola Nordmann+ Trip 1 W/course>.

  1. For Norwegian bank transfer:
    • Account number: 8601.43.53.056
  2. For foreign bank:
    • IBAN: NO68 8601 4353 056
Do we rent out kitesurfing gear?

Yes, We have all necessary equipment for hire. Take contact with NTNUI kite.

When are our trips and activites?

We arrange regular trips in both autumn and winter. See the schedueled trips. In addition, we recommend you to join the facebook group “NTNUI kite (diskusjon/kjøp og salg!) for any spontanous trips.

Can i contribute to NTNUI kite?

We need good people. Take contact and express your interest.