Annual meeting 2022

This year’s annual meeting will be held on Thursday 03.02.2022 at 19:00. The meeting will be held at Dragvoll Idrettssenter, where pizza will be served to all attendees. For those who are unable to be present physically, the meeting will also be streamed via Zoom.

The annual meeting for NTNUI Floorball is the highest authority in the club, and is responsible for e.g. setting the training fee and selecting a new board. Our rules state that at least 5 members from each team have to be present during the meeting, but we highly encourage all members to participate.

A proper agenda for the annual meeting will be sent by e-mail one week in advance of the meeting. Any items that you wish to add to the agenda must be sent to this e-mail address before 23:59 on Tuesday 25.01.2022.

The selection of a new board is one of the most important items during the annual meeting. Being on the board is very nice, and you will really get to know members from the other teams. In addition, being a board member gives you great experience, looks good on your CV, doesn’t take too much time, and you get as much help as needed from the previous board and the board of NTNUI. A short description of each board position, as well as the current member, is given here:

Leader (Eivind H. Furdal)
As a leader, you’re responsible for the club working. This is mostly done through calling board meetings, external communication, and delegation of tasks and following up on the other board members. This position will give you loads of relevant experience for your professional life!

Vice-leader (Martin Reitan)
As a vice-leader, your tasks are given by what the leader needs done. This can for example be fixing licences and player lists, writing articles about the club for the NTNUI club paper, or communication with the regional Bandy Federation. There’s not too much work during the year, except for in August, when loads of new players have to be registered.

Cashier (Erik B. Grammeltvedt og Synne Mård)
This position is responsible for the club economy. The tasks include accounting and budgeting, paying bills, and handling the training fee. Through this position, one gets to work with accounting programs, and gets increased experience with economy within organizations.

Head of Sports (Women: Ine T. Straumbotn, Men: Kristoffer Vanebo)
The two heads of sports are responsible for the club’s sporting activity. This consists of finding coaches for our teams, and arranging the yearly Dragvoll Cup. They are also responsible for answering questions from new players via mail and Facebook.

Material and sponsor (Andreas Glein)
This position has responsibility for keeping track of club material, and buying new when needed. Communication with the club sponsor(s) is also handled by this person. The position takes little time.

Dugnad and PR (Harald Paaske)
The dugnad and PR position is responsible for keeping track of dugnader/voluntary work in the club, like baking of cakes and washing of training vests. It is also responsible for promoting the club, and orders and designs flyers and posters used in recruiting.

Social (Elise A. Johnsrud og Ingrid Holmlund)
The social managers arrange parties and other social events for the club. These include the autumn party, the spring party, christmas table for the board and coaches, and the Dragvoll Cup banquet. The tasks when arranging these events include finding locations, ordering food, buying snacks, and promoting the events to club members.

Web (Vinzenz Schöberle)
This position is responsible for the “digital” aspects of the club, through administration of the club website and mailing lists. No technical skills are required for this position.

To allow you to get even more familiar with the different board positions, some of the board members will take over our Instagram story next week, to tell a little bit about their tasks and to answer questions. Are you not following us already? Check out @ntnui_innebandy on Instagram, then!

A new position that is also to be selected on this year’s annual meeting, is the Teknisk Ansvarlig (TA) for floorball for the Student Games in Trondheim in February 2023. This position is not a part of the board, but is responsible for arranging the floorball tournament during the student games. To allow for a smooth tournament, the TA is to be chosen now, such that it can arrange the Dragvoll Cup along with the heads of sport the coming autumn to get some experience. A short introduction to the TA position follows here:

Teknisk ansvarlig, Studentlekene 2023
The TA is responsible for tournament setup, team leader meetings, communication with the federation, and has the overall responsibility for the whole tournament as it happens. As a TA, one gets to decide a lot about how the event will be. The TA will gets lots of support and help from the Norwegian Student Sport Federation, the head of sports for Studentlekene 2023, and will get to know TAs from many other sports as well.

See you at the annual meeting on Thursday, February 3rd!

Tryouts and training this autumn

Are you a student in Trondheim and want to play floorball? then you’re welcome in our club. We have teams 1-3 for different levels, for the one’s who have played a long time and for the ones who’ve never tried the sport. The fall starts for us with tryouts for the different teams in the weeks 34 and 35. The tryouts are in the training times of the respective teams. Our matches at the Dragvoll Cup towards the end of week 35 are also part of our tryouts. The third teams are always open for new members throughout the year. All the training sessions and tryouts are in hall B at Dragvoll, click here for more info about the teams and training times.

To train with us you only need to bring gym wear and indoor shoes, we have all other necessary equipment if you can’t bring your own.

If you have any questions don’t hesitate to send us a message on Facebook or send one of our head of sports a mail:

Head-of-sports females:
Head-of-sports males:

Training resumes, new guidelines

We are finally allowed to start training again. We will train at Dragvoll like before, with the same time slots.

Updated covid guidelines:

  • Training happens in groups of maximum 10, two groups can share the court, but they have to train completely seperated. The distance between the groups should never be less than 2 metres.
  • One has to keep at least one metre distance to others at any time
  • If you are ill, have symptoms of COVID-19, have mild respiratory symptoms, are in quarantine or isolation, you are not allowed to attend training.
  • Participants have to register in an online form to attend training, the coach is responsible to grant people access to it.
  • All participants have to be Sit and NTNUI members, they also have to scan their card at the front desk at arrival.
  • The use of loan clubs is legal but must be washed after each use.
  • The coach or the person responsible for the training is the only ones who will touch the ball bag. This person should use antibac before and after he / she puts on equipment. Do not wear vests or touch the balls.
  • Everyone must use hand sanitizer before and after the rink is set up and taken down (if the rink is to be set up), the same applies to moving targets.
  • There must be hand sanitizer available at all times during training.
  • On arrival everyone has go strait to the court. One should not spend more time than absoluteley neccesary in other parts of the building such as the wardrobes.
  • Masks are obligatory until training starts.
  • We encourage participants to avoid public transport if possible.