Training resumes, new guidelines

We are finally allowed to start training again. We will train at Dragvoll like before, with the same time slots.

Updated covid guidelines:

  • Training happens in groups of maximum 10, two groups can share the court, but they have to train completely seperated. The distance between the groups should never be less than 2 metres.
  • One has to keep at least one metre distance to others at any time
  • If you are ill, have symptoms of COVID-19, have mild respiratory symptoms, are in quarantine or isolation, you are not allowed to attend training.
  • Participants have to register in an online form to attend training, the coach is responsible to grant people access to it.
  • All participants have to be Sit and NTNUI members, they also have to scan their card at the front desk at arrival.
  • The use of loan clubs is legal but must be washed after each use.
  • The coach or the person responsible for the training is the only ones who will touch the ball bag. This person should use antibac before and after he / she puts on equipment. Do not wear vests or touch the balls.
  • Everyone must use hand sanitizer before and after the rink is set up and taken down (if the rink is to be set up), the same applies to moving targets.
  • There must be hand sanitizer available at all times during training.
  • On arrival everyone has go strait to the court. One should not spend more time than absoluteley neccesary in other parts of the building such as the wardrobes.
  • Masks are obligatory until training starts.
  • We encourage participants to avoid public transport if possible.

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