Uppdated information about training

Here is some updated information about the training situation. The situation is that so we cannot be groups lager than 20 people so the training will be divided into 2 groups of 15 who are kept separate from each other who train at the same time.

The training time is the same as on our website. Where there is shared training such as D1 / D2, there will be a group of 15 per team. The 1 meter rule is still to be followed and it is important that people follow the guidelines of both FHI and the Norwegian Sports Confederation. We will make sure to provide updated information at all times on our facebook page and website.

Furthermore everyone must sign up for training via a docs form which is linked at the bottom. It worsk as the first people to sign up, gets to join. If you suddenly do not have the opportunity, please let the coach of the team know immediately so that someone else can take your place as there might be someone else who wants to join. You can only try out for one team, but if you do not get into that team, you will get into a lower team. You just cannot participate in more than one tryout training to prevent a possible spread. All participants must also be a SIT member in order to participate in the training. When you come to training, there will be more detailed information regarding corona measures. It is therefore important to get to training precisely, those who have the opportunity should avoid public transport.


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