NTNUI Athletics Training Camp 2024

Foto: NTNUI Friidrett – Left to right: Fredrik Warvik, Fredrik Frossdal, Kjell Heinrich, Lars Stømer Grøsvik, Daniel Schjerpen, Maxim Tjøtta, Elise Wallinder, Magnus Steinstø, Kjersti Heinrich, Iselin Eriksen, Henrik Hareide Holstad, Tina Li Segberg Heier, Julie Hallem Iversen, Siri Spetalen

The sun shines through the windows of the reception, and a worn out group is checking out after ten days of running, cycling and hiking.

NTNUI Athletics has once again finished its annual training camp, and are finally homebound from L’Albir outside Alicante, Spain. In the Spanish heat fourteen fit athletes has kept pace with a training itinerary filled to the brim of long runs, track days, intervals and easy runs. Some breaks were there however time for, and Wednesday no run was planned, substituted with a hike for everyone to join, so the summit of “Alt del Governador”, a nearby cliff face standing 483mas overlooking the Mediterranean sea. Some more adventurous members of the group also substituted some runs for bike rides over 100+ kilometres long, sightseeing the nearby countryside of L’Albir.

During the week however not all focus has been on kilometers and pulse, and monday everyone went out for a social evening to the nearby town of Benidorm. With Italian dinner and bowling everyone got a break from the four walls of the hotel rooms, and after two games Kjell Heinrich was the best bowler of us all with a score of 158 points. Ironically it was the bowling that hit the hardest, and some of us struggled to shake off the bowling for the subsequent runs.

Now the final kilometers have been put down on the granite of L’Albir, and a few early birds took one last trip to the nearby lighthouse before the sunrise to see it break the horizon. Soon we are ready for more hospitable temperatures and northern weather, and we look forward to show off our suntans and sunburns on training on Monday.

Hu og hei!