As a private person


By accepting that NTNUI takes photos and video of you, you accept that we use the photos and videos in a marketing context and share the photos with our partners. The photos and videos will be posted in our media archive and on our YouTube channel with the Creative Commons BY 4.0 license which provides free reuse against credit. This means that other actors will have access to use the photos we take by crediting NTNUI and the photographer. NTNUI reserves the right that some images / videos will be limited to the copyright license if necessary.

If you wish to withdraw consent, you can do so by filling out this form. Feel free to attach links to pictures you want to withdraw your consent from so that we can make the job easy. If the image is used by an actor other than NTNUI, we are helpful in trying to get it down, as the right to your own image is strong in the Media Act. Add info about this in the extra field in the form.

As an Event organizer


For an event or training hosted by NTNUI, or where NTNUI Blits is involved, you as a Event Organizer have the responsibility to follow the GDPR-rule of law. Please note that this applies independently of whether Blits is involved, or if you are publishing pictures or video yourselves.

More informationon what to do as an Event organizer at NTNUI’s Wiki here (exsternal link).