Weekend course in recall & field search

The 9th -11th of November we arranged a weekend course in recall with a small introduction to field search in addition on Sunday. The instructors were Emma Lein (recall) and Gro Anett Myklebust (field search). Attending the course were the labrador/golden retriever-mix Rio, the mittelspitz Casper, the cavalier king charles spaniel Shila, the miniature schnauzer Rakel and the tervueren Alpha.

Friday night it was time for the theoretical part of the recall course.

Saturday it was time for the practical part of the recall course. To get really reliable recalls with a lot of enthusiasm we played recall games with the dogs. These games were for instance “The Name Game”, “Hide & Seek”, parallell-recall, crossing-recall and recall with dogs to run past. Thanks to the owners of the Irish wolfhound Návdi, the golden retriever Akka and the podenco Charlie, we had some extra dogs to practice running past.

Sunday, it was time for the introduction to field search with Gro Anett Myklebust. Every dog tried and succeeded in finding the item it was searching for. After the intro, the recall training from Saturday continued. This day, we were introduced to a new game: “The Whiplash Turn”. The equipages did very well. Today, the owners of the golden retrievers Akka and Raja, the Irish wolfhound Návdi and the Manchester terrier Henry provided us with extra disturbances.

Video fra innkallingstreningen lørdag. Casper og Rio trener kryss-innkalling forbi figurant Akka.

Rally obedience – second introduction

The 23rd of October we arranged a second introductory course in rally obedience. This time there were 11 new exercises to learn. The instructor was Emma Lein.

It was too dark to take any good pictures that evening so the pictures above are illustratory pictures from our rally obedience training class in May 2018. From the left: Shila (cavalier king charles spaniel), Småen (golden retriever) and Thalia (australian shepherd).

Photoshoot with a professional dog photographer

The 6th of October 2018 we arranged a photoshoot with professional dog photographer Anne Olaussen in Vestlia. Three dogs partook and the result were tons of amazing pictures both with and without their owners. You can view some of these pictures at Anne Olaussen’s website
here (the pictures taken outdoors at the top of the page).