Head of NTNUI TF

Truls Kippernes

As the leader you have the superior responsibility for NTNUI Topptur og Frikjøring. The leader is responsible of the groups economy and that the group follows up on their goals. the leader is also responsible of forwarding information to the NTNUI head board, and asure continuity in the group by transefered experience between old and new members. Therefore it is important that the leader and the other board members have good communication.

Deputy of NTNUI TF

Oscar Schiøtz Smith

The deputy is second in command, also known as the boards “potato”, and helps with what is nerden. As the deputy you have determined tasks, but may also be needed as a substitute for either the leader or cashier if needed. The deputy mat also be responsible for tasks which dosent fit into a given committee, and will help the different groups communicate if needed. 

The deputy is responsible of summoning and leading the boardmeetings. It’s also the deputy who is responsible for the equipment owned by TF, use and rent of this equipment is therefore to be arranged with the deputy.


Eirik Emanuel Semb

The cashier is responsible for the economy, budget and accounting in Topptur og Frikjøring. This involves having kontroll over the groups bank account, where all refunds and bills are paid. These are further accounted for both by books and digitally to the common system of NTNUI. A maximum of three times during the year there is also held an internal audit , in which all cashiers go through the accounting of the previous months and make sure everything is correct. This is carried out at a given date determined by the head board and is common for all the NTNUI groups. the cashier will have personalized access to the clubhouse, where there is access to the groups binders and computers with the digital accounting program.

Head of the trip committee

Hallvard Futterer-Wannebo

The head of the trip committee has the superior responsibility of the trips arranged by TF and the trip committee. You are responsible of the collaboration between the committee and the other board members.

Head of the workout committee

Emil Jordhøy

As the head of the workout committee you have the main responsibility of the weekly circuit workouts and the acrobatics sessions. Furthermore you are responsible for the skiclasses and the competitions during the skifestival. As the head of the workout committee you delegate responsibility to the members of the committee and want to put down the extra work required.

Head of the party and publicity committee

Malin Alise Løvstad

As the head of the party and publicity committee you have the superior responsibility of all the social events arranged by Topptur og Frikjøring, not counting trips, workouts or competition. as the head of the committee you delegate responsibility throughout the committee and make sure the events are planed and completed in the best possible way.

Furthermore it is important as the head of the committee to contribute that old and new members achieve the best possible social well-being. This implies that you show up on events, but also that you contribute to a good social environment in Topptur og Frikjøring.

The freeride-general

Bjørnar Reitan Hogstad

The freeride-general has the main responsibility of the competition committee. This is the committee arranging the yearly freeride-competition, TF-freeride. This involves recruiting volunteers, gaining sponsorships, arrange accommodation and all else required for the competition-weekend. The leader of the freeride competition si also responsible for organicing for the ones who want to represent NTNUI in other freeride competitions.

Responsible of sponsorships

Marie Wahlstrøm

The responsible of sponsorship has the main responsibility of organizing a club sponsorships, as well as designing and ordering the Topptur og frikjøring merch. The responsible of sponsorships is responsible of the obtainment of the prizes for the various competitions and events as well.

Web responsible

Tørris Toftdahl

As the web responsible you are mainly responsible for the website, Facebook and the filesharing-system(google drive). The website involves updating information and listing products and sales in the webshop. You will be responsible for the groups social media and mail-system. This volunteer position dosent require previous digital system knowledge.