Try outs

At the start of the fall semester we have try outs. If you want to play for us, you have to participate in the try outs and afterward be invited to join a team.

The tryout for the season 23/24 is now closed. If you want to join us, send an email to our second leader at


Try outs start in week 33. To participate you need to register and then be invited to try outs.

Every week we’ll send out invitation by e-mail to practices. In the e-mail, you have the opportunity to accept or decline. It is important that you answer early, if you forget to answer you lose your spot.

Unfortunately, we can not guarantee an invitation. We recommend you to be available to as many practices as possible, since then you have a bigger chance to be invited.

If you get invited, it’s important that you bring your own handball, tape and other relevant equipment.


Send e-mail to the leader.

Why try outs?
Many students wants to play for us, and unfortunately we do not have capacity for everyone. In the try outs you have the opportunity to show your handball abilities. The trainers will do their best to put together a team based on the try outs.

If you want to join our club, you need to participate in our try outs.

When are the try outs and how do I participate?
At the start of fall semester (august), starting in week 33. This year we have registration and invitation for all of the try outs.

By participating, you accept to be taken pictures of while training. This can be used for marketing in for example social media. If you don’t want pictures of you to be used, you have to notify the photographer/the handball board.

At the try outs someone will take your picture. That way the trainers can more easily remember you when they invite people to closed try outs and when they put together the team. This photo will not be used or showed to anyone outside the handball board and trainers.