Rules for safe scuba diving

– These rules apply for all scuba diving conducted by NTNUI DG, and for any member if equipment by NTNUI DG is used. 

All divers must have:

  • An internationally recognized scuba diving certification
  • Read and understood NTNUI DG’s rules for safe diving
  • Been familiarized with DG’s safety equipment

And the following rules apply:

  • A dive leader must be appointed at every dive, and be competent with the diving being done. The dive leader is sovereign in all his/hers decicions.
  • Dive leader determines if the environmental conditions at the dive site, and the dives planned, are safe.
    • Communications (Phone of VHF) must be checked
  • Never dive alone.
    • Should contact be lost under water, return to the surface and re-establish contact (normal and safe ascent-rate)
  • Agree on time, depth, direction and potentially decompression with the dive leader.
  • Do a buddy-check or similar pre-dive equipment-check
  • If one in the buddy-team wishes, a buddy-line shall be used.
  • Divers must adapt depth and difficulty of dive according to certification and experience.
    • Max depth for diving with air is 39m
  • Do not dive if you feel unwell, insecure or are influenced by medicine or alcohol.
    • It’s never embarrassing to skip a dive
  • Always have the following safety-equipment:
    • Rescue-swimmer
    • Dive-leader suitcase (misc first-aid and other equipment
    • Oxygen
    • Dive-flag
    • Rescue-line
  • Every diver must have at least two second-stages.
  • When diving with a ceiling (deco, wreck, cave), to separate gas-sources must be used.

Translates Autumn 2018