Treffpunkt 2019

NTNUI Badminton has the pleasure of inviting to Treffpunkt 2019, the 12th of October. The tournament includes classes A and C, and it will be Swiss Ladder. For those who do not know what the Swiss ladder is, it is a tournament system where you get specific points for each match, an in the next game you are set against an opponent who has about the same number of points. There will be no ladies and gentlemen classes, but just one gentlemen class. It means that the ladies must join the men’s class – this is because everyone would get the opportunity to play against everyone and the ladies would also get ranking points. The classes then become Herrer A, and Herrer C. For those who want to play against people who are at a higher level: sign up for Herrer A. While for those who wants a lower level competition signs up in Herrer C. Only singles is allowed. You enter the tournament as usual through the Google sheet, but you have to show up just before when the tournament starts to be registered in the tournament schedule. The draw is thus made just before the start of the tournament.
On Saturday there will be a party for everyone over the age of 18, where we hope as many as possible want to attend!

The registration due date is 3rd of October.


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