Practices fall 2021

From 18.08.21

Please note that one has to be registered in the club to attend practices, except sessions with marked with *.

Monday 14:30-16:00Level 2Dragvoll hall A
Monday20:30-22:00Level 1Dragvoll hall B
Tuesday14:30-16:00Level 2Gløshaugen idrettshall
Wednesday 19:00-20:30Level 1Dragvoll hall A
Saturday*10:00-12:00Exercise*Gløshaugen idrettshall
Sunday19:30-20:45 Level 1 & Level 2Dragvoll hall B
Sunday20:45-22:00Level 1 & Level 2Dragvoll hall B
* Registration on


Our club is divided into two levels: Level 1 and Level 2. Level 1-trainings are for players who compete on an A or B level in tournaments, or who play on the first or second division teams. Level 2 are for players who play at an C or D level in tournaments, or who are new to badminton. This means Level 2 can also be experienced players, but they have different training hours than other experienced players if they are not on a high enough level.

We hope that everyone, both Level 1 and Level 2, respect that these two groups have different training hours, and because of full courts on trainings, only play with their group. Sunday is the only day which is for all members, regardless of the level.

Please join the Facebook page designated for your level to get additional information during the semester. If you are not uncertain about your level, please contact the board.


The “mosjonist”-trainings or “Exercise-trainings”, are for everybody who has a Sit-membership. This means that if you want to bring your friends to badminton, who are not a member of NTNUI Badminton, this is the training to do it. Registration for these sessions will take place in Sit Trening’s group sessions. All other tranings are closed to members only, and if someone wants to try out badminton at another day, without being a member, this has to be cleared with the board.