Grong Tournament

NTNUI Badminton is excited to invite all it’s members to join the biggest tournament of the spring, an awesome badminton expedition to Grong!

Grong conclusively won the team series with crushing victories 9-1 against both the first and second team of NTNUI. These results oblige all self-respecting NTNUIers to pick up their rackerts and cast doubt on the validity of the team series by proving that a mid-term-student performs better than a christmas-fattened, sun-deprived, exam-fatigued student.

This is the “main event” this spring tournament-wise and the only tournament that is a proper trip with significant travel time.

Transport will likely be by rental car. Depending on how
luxurious we want our lodgings to be, the total price for the
weekend, including transport, sleeping arrangements, and
participation fee should be around 800-1200 kr. Note that
transport and participation fee is heavily subsidized by the
club, but hotel is not.

NTNUI registration deadline: 17. February

Tournament date: 1.-3. March


More information:

Sebastian Bøe
turnering (at)

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