NTNUI Parasports

NTNUI has since the establishment in 1910 helped to create a social arena for sports joy, community and cohesion for Trondheim’s students. Today, NTNUI is recognized as Norway’s largest sports team with over 12,000 unique members, all of whom have something in common; namely the love of their sport.

NTNUI has a great desire to be able to offer sports for all students who want to do sports. Trondheim holds a huge range of students, each one different from each other – both in terms of sports in the heart, but also when it comes to personal requirements for performing the sport.

What is Paraidrett (parasports)?

Parasports (Paraidrett in norwegian) are sports for people with a disability. There are “par” lell to sports for athletic athletes, with custom equipment or rules to make the sport fun and accessible to everyone.

Nor is it true that para-sports are only for those with disabilities – on the contrary! Also functional ones can be included and there are several options to get this to.

Some parasports also do not have a corresponding sport for functional people. An example of this is Goalball, which was arranged during the Student Games in Trondheim 2017 and in February this year, 2019. The fact that almost no students have played it before and that sighting and blind posing quite similar gives a unique opportunity for equality and cohesion. This was a huge success and we hope to spread goalball to other student sports teams in the country! Maybe YOUR sports team would want to try it out?

What is NTNUI Paraidrett?

NTNUI Paraidrett mainly deals with three different areas:1

1. Information and competence development within NTNUI
NTNUI Paraidrett will be a source of information and knowledge about how to solve various challenges. How to organize a sport for people with disabilities, what offers do we actually have in Trondheim, where do you apply for funding to get support for para-directional services, who should I talk to if I need help or who should we contact if we want to contribute?2

2. Lending of Paraid equipment
In collaboration with NTNUI Bumerang, NTNUI Paraidrett lends out brand new para-ski equipment for free. The equipment consists of a tandem bike with a motor, a hand bike, two spikes (one sitting and one knee) and two athletic wheelchairs. These are booked through NTNUI Bumerang’s lending portal here and can be picked up between 17-18 in weekdays.

The equipment can be borrowed by anyone regardless of whether you are a student, NTNUI member, private person, company or organization. Contact us and we will find a solution!

3. Volunteer Bank to maintain the ofers in Trondheim
Take a look HERE.

How can YOU contribute?

Non-disabled can also engage in parasports in several ways; as a participant, as a trainer or as a ​​volunteer. There are also several options where functional athletes can show support for participants with disabilities, such as guides, pilots and drivers. You also don’t just have to choose one role: many people end up being involved in several different ways depending on what they think is fun!

NTNUI Paraidrett this spring kicked off a “volunteer portal” where you can sign up as a companion in various sports. This is a simple low threshold way to contribute. Read more about it here.

If you have any questions – do not hesitate to contact us!

Send an email to paraidrett-leder@ntnui.no
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