Schedule 2020

Our trainings take place at SiT Idrettsbygget at Gløshaugen, in Sal 4 (old Armfeltsalen).

Schedule times are:

  • Tuesday 18:30-19:55
  • Thursday 16:00-18:30
  • Saturday 15:00-17:00

We try to have some technique trainings at Tuesdays and some free fencing as well.
At Thursdays we use the training for free fencing
At Saturdays, we have our traditional Saturdays tournements in stead of usual training. It’s only for fun, so every fencers are welcome!

We has also an old tradition going to Mormors stue after trainings on Tuesday for some beer and buns.

New to fencing? You are welcome to join us at our usual trainings! Just show up in normal trainings clothes and with a bottle of water, and we will show you the basics of fencing so you can feel comfortable stabbing people in a safe way. We will have all the equipment you will need!

Training formats:

  • Bouts:
    Fencing 1 vs 1 and constantly changing opponents. Duels allows you to practice whatever you like and simply have fun!
  • Technical:
    Learn about fencing! Everything from basics like moving correctly to how to think about the match.
  • Tournaments:
    Local tournaments with the members of the club. Our tournaments starts with groups where every fencer gets to fence all the others for a match to 5 point in 3 minutes. You will be placed in a bracket with elimination based on your performance in groups.
    After the tournament every participant will gain tournament points based on their placement and the number of participants. At the end of the semester the ones with the most tournament points will get prizes.