Group rules

The fencing group in NTNUI have twelve internal rules. The aim is to preserve a good training environment. Since we don’t have a professional trainer, we want a training environment where everyone shares experience with each other and make one another better. The safety rules is a simplification and clarification of the minimum that is expected in the sport.


  • Always use protective equipment
  • Point the epee to the floor when you are not fencing
  • If an epee breaks, stop the match immediately
  • Never turn your back towards your opponent during a match
  • Never use your unprotected arm
  • Listen to the referee


  • Salute your opponent before and after the match
  • Give your opponent a handshake and thank them for the match
  • Show respect towards your opponent
  • Ask for tips and advices
  • Share your knowledge
  • Do not focus solely on the victory, your development is also important