Reserve your equipment here!


NB: We will be closed from Dec. 16th, 2023 to Jan. 10th, 2024 for the Winter break.


Monday – Friday 17 – 18
17:00 – 17:30 ONLY RETURNS
17:30 – 18:00 PICK-UPS

How to borrow equipment?

  1. Read the rules and fines
  2. Search for your equipment
  3. Select your time period
  4. Order, pick up and enjoy 
  5. Return on time so that other people can enjoy the equipment later
  • Equipment is available for everyone
    • irrespective of being a student or not.
  • All reservations must be made in advance on the website.
  • Return of equipment is done between 17:00-17:30, while pick-up of new orders is done 17:30-18:00, regardless of the time specified in your order confirmation.
  • Equipment returned late or not picked up will give you a strike.
    • On the 3rd strike, you will not be able to rent from us anymore.
    • Respect that others also want to lend, so keep your appointment.
  • Cancellation can be made by contacting our Facebook page.
    • Cancellation ~2 hours before the pick-up is not guaranteed and might lead to a strike.
  • Somebody else can pick up for you but you have to notify us before via our Facebook page, stating the full name of the person picking up the equipment, and they need to bring their ID.
  • Consecutive orders (return and pick up on the same date) are not allowed.
    • Extensions have to be requested via Facebook or the contact form
  • There is a fine for broken or lost equipment, see below for details.
  • Come to pick up your equipment with your ID and order number

Replacement cost:

• Skis: varies
• Poles: 279 kr
• Ski Binding: 250 kr
• Snowboard binding strap: 100 kr
• Ski pole spatula: 50 kr
• Ski pole strap lock: 60 kr
• Ski pole strap: 60 kr
• Ski strap: 35 kr
• Lures: 25 kr
• Tent peg: 25 kr
• Tent poles: varies
• Tents: varies
• Ringspill: 60kr
• Krokkett-sett: 100kr
• Boccia sett: 70kr
• Kubb sett: 179kr
• Nummerkubb sett: 179kr
• Foldable fishing net: 125kr

Spikeball (Roundnet)

• Spikeball full set: 450
• Ball: 50
• Pump: 100
• Pump needle: 20
• Net: 50
• Whole net setup: 200

Snow Shoes

• BOA lace system: 250kr
• Holding straps: 100kr
• Holding straps orange/blue: 50kr
• Binding backstrap: 100kr
• One Snowshoe missing: 1000kr (for Green tubs)
• One Snowshoe missing: 500kr (for Grey tubs)
• Major damage in snowshoe: 1000kr (per pair)

• Other equipment will be charged with the cost for replacing it

The fines can be paid with card or Vipps.

How to Order?

Decide your pick-up and return date before hand. Choose the right rental period which is +1 day of the date difference, for example Wednesday to Wednesday is 8 days, which is the maximum allowed rental period.
Your return date should not fall in the weekend, and if it does adjust your pickup day and/or rental period.