How to play

Overview over the basics of quidditch

Quidditch is a fast, full contact and tactical mixed team sport. It is played in teams of 7. Each team has to follow a gender maximum rule (max. 4 players of the same gender on pitch). Players have different positions. Chasers score goals, beaters knock out opponents by hitting them with a bludger, seekers try to catch the snitch. Every position is marked by wearing a different colored headband. Each player must be mounted on a broom, commonly a PVC pipe.

Chaser with a white headband about to score a goal worth 10 points. The broom (PVC pipe) needs to be held between the legs.
Picture by Petter Elstad.

A game usually lasts around 25 minutes. It ends when the snitch is caught, which gives the catching team 30 points. Goals count 10 points each and can be scored from both sides of the hoops.

Seeker trying to catch the snitch, a tail attached to the shorts of a snitch runner (in yellow).
Picture by Petter Elstad.

When a player is hit by a bludger, they are “knocked out”. The player has to dismount their broom. They need to run back to their own set of goals, touch the goal and then remount their broom. Once they have followed this procedure, they can actively participate in the game again.

Beater throwing a bludger at another player to temporarily knock them out of the game.