Access Pirbadet

If you want to swim at Pirbadet other days than Sunday (which is free for all NTNUi members) you have to follow these steps.

Access to Pirbadet costs 750 kr each calendar year. This gives you access to swim Monday and Tuesday (21.00 – 22.30) + Wednesday and Friday (20.30 – 22.00).

1 – Buy one year license for triatlon

  1. Logg inn to MinIdrett:
  2. Find the invoice, placed under licenses. If you can’t find the invoice, contact us and we will help you.
  3. Pay the invoice

2 – Pay the activity fee

The price for accessing Pirbadet is the same as Norges Svømmeforbund’s swimming license (750 kr). You must therefor pay an activity fee to get access to the swimming practices.

In 2022 this activity fee is 250NOK.

3 – Register

Fill out this form, then the swimming group can assign you access. In the comment field write that you have paid a triathlon license.

You might not get access right away. It might take a few days after you fill out the form. You will get an e-mail when your access is granted.