Winter gathering 15.02.19-17.02.19


Short description of the winter gathering:
Tindegruppa will pay for cabins in Eikesdalen. Members of TG can stay here for free.
You have to bring your own food.
There are no organized trips, so you go where you want to go. There are great possibilities for both skiing and ice climbing. If people are interested, we can rig a top rope for people who haven’t climbed ice before and want to try. If you don’t know anyone else going here you can always find people to join by posting in the event discussion or at TG Møteplassen (
We hope that everybody want to meet up on Saturday evening, for some beers and quiz!
TG pays for transportation for members, but you have to organize transportation yourself. If you have a car with a free seat or you need a seat, please post in the event discussion. If there are not enough private cars, it`s possible to rent. But we will only pay for the drivingcompensation, not the rental of the car  Cars that are less than half full will only be refunded 50%.