Newsletter – January

Newsletter and mailing lists

Going forward we are going to publish newsletter regularly. The purpose of the newsletter is to show what we are doing in Sprint, as well as letting you test new software and give feedback if you want to. We are going to send out this information on a mailing list for volunteers with IT-responsibilites. You will get a notification when this mailing list is ready.

We recommend that you follow us on Instagram. We will use Stories to actively show what we are working on and collect feedback.


As most of you hopefully know we have upgraded and built a solution to let every group publish their own website for free. As WordPress, the technological fundament for our platform, just released a big update we are starting the work to update the NTNUI Page Builder to the next version

Promotion of content

We want to promote the groups and make them more visible on the web. We have therefore added sections for Promoted groups and Upcoming events.

Membership system

The first beta of our membership launched in november. You can test it out yourself at and create your own user.

If you have any trouble with creating a user you can contact