Avalanche Package


Avalanche equipment

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Avalanche package rental form ski and fjellsport. It includes a beacon, a shovel and a probe. DOES NOT INCLUDE Batteries!

The Avalanche equipment is only bookable for weekends. It is possible to  prolong the rental for some days if nescessary.

To book do the following:

  1. Book avalanche equipment for your designated weekend and make the payment
  2. Fill in the contact form

    When on Thursday do you want to pick up the equipment?

    When on Monday do you want to deliver the equipment?

    If theese times really don't work, send us an mail: ski-og-fjellsport-utstyr@ntnui.no
    If you are part of a trip, state it in the comments field. Maybe the trip coordinator can pick it up for you

    3. Meet us at Dragvoll in the specified time by Staircase 5C in the mail hall.

    If you have any more questions please send us a mail on ski-og-fjellsport-utstyr@ntnui.no