What equipment can I rent?

As a NTNUI Ski og fjellsport member you are able to rent Avalanche equipment packages. See our shop to perform the booking.

Unfortunately we don’t rent out anything except that, but luckily NTNUI BOOMERANG does. Check out their website!

As a trip coordinator

You can borrow our equipment for free when you are organizing NTNUI Ski og Fjellsport trips. We have a lot of common equipment like pots, stoves etc to use on our trips. See more extensive list in the trip coordinator lounge

Opening hours:

Mondays: 17-18

Thursdays: 17-18

We really prefer if you can make it in theese times, to enable us to plan and give you a good service. The storage room is located in Dragvoll. Contact us on mail (or booking equipment scheme for trip coordinators) and we can describe where the storage room is and get your contact information