Are you on the lookout for a platform where you can easily meet and play with other gamers and NTNU students? Then you have come to the right place! NTNUI e-sport is readily looking to gather as many gamers as possible within a wide reach of games to gather up a bigger social community. This is a low threshold offer for everyone, so if you want to play for fun or want to try out your skills in a competitive environment you are welcome to try either (or both)!

What we have

At the moment we are steadily working from the ground up, and we currently offer a Discord group as a community platform for every gamer at NTNU. We have also acquired our very own clubhouse, with 6 powerful computer rigs and a cozy TV area fit for both tryhard party games and casual watch parties. We’ve also established many casual and competitive teams across different skill levels in several games, like League of Legends, Counter Strike:GO and Rocket League. We have a further ambition to evolve both current and new competitive scenes in our community, but also expand and help build relations across other student organizations in Norway. If any of this sounds appealing, don’t hesitate to sign up!


NTNUI e-sport has a yearly contingency plan of 50kr per semester that gives you the opportunity to participate on a team fit for you, be that more on the fun and social side, or more on the competitive, driven side of e-sports. It also grants you the possibility to come hang out in our gaming lounge, or have an intense training session on the keyboard.*

*Note that access to the Discord does not require contingency membership as it’s a free service to help fellow gamers connect! 🙂