Are you on the lookout for a platform where you easily can meet and play with other gamers and NTNU students you have come to the right place! NTNUI esport is readily looking to gather as many gamers as possible within a wide reach of games to gather up for a bigger social community. This is a low threshold offer for everyone, so if you want to play for fun or want to try out your skills in a competitive environment you are welcome to try either (or both)!

What we have

At the moment we are steadily working from the ground up, and we currently offer a Discord group as a community platform for every gamer at NTNU. In the near future we aim to create a clubhouse,  including setups and practice areas where we can host dedicated social arrangements for all members. We also aim to be able to establish professional teams within a different variety of games that can represent NTNUI on different skill-levels. If any of this sounds appealing, don’t hesitate to sign up!


At the current point in time, we have not yet been able to establish a price for membership – but a yearly contingency plan is in the works, which will provide access to everything we are able to offer (Discord, access to the gaming room, etc.)

*Note that access to the Discord does not require contingency membership as it’s a free service to help fellow gamers connect 🙂