Maria Hovden won NM in apnea

With two gold and one silver in the women’s class, Maria Hovden was able to collect the combined victory in apnea held in Kristiansand last weekend.

Apnea are various freediving competitions in a swimming pool. In this year’s NM, the participants were tested in three different exercises: Static apnea where the practitioner should keep his breath as long as possible while lying still on the surface, dynamic apnea where the practitioner should swim as far as possible under water with one breath – both with and without fins.

New Norwegian record

The static exercise was a even contest.. The clock showed 4.37 minutes before Maria had to draw air on the surface. The time was good enough secure victory in the women’s class, and Maria could also decorate herself with a new Norwegian record.

Maria Hovden while competing in static

In the exercise dynamic with fins, it became somewhat tougher. Maria pushed on and ended up at 117 meters, which was a personal record. She still had to settle for the second place after Hilde Myhre delivered a solid 125 meters.

Dynamic without fins thus became decisive for who sticks with the overall victory and the day was not without of drama. Once again, Hilde Myhre delivered a strong race, but the effort would cost. Hilde was unlucky and fainted. Therefore, Maria could swim impressive 59 meters and earn another victory

With two gold and one silver, Maria was crowned as the overall winner and can proudly call herself a Norwegian champion in apnea!

Dykkergruppa would like to congratulate Maria on her NM gold!

Sara Stokken Rott nominated as the youngest member of the NIF board.

On Friday 29 March, it was a unanimous election committee that elected a new board for the coming period. Among the elect were our own Sara Stokken Rott (22).

Sara is studying  Sports Science at NTNU. Last week she was elected to the board of NIF as the youngest member. The tasks that await her she takes with the utmost seriousness.

– Of course it is very big. I’m proud and I go into it with humility. Now it is important to make words into action, says Stokken Rott.

The NIF board is the highest authority of the sport in Norway. The tasks are based on implementing the decisions that have been decided and other common tasks both in Norway and abroad. Her experience from Hovedstyret in NTNUI is something that helped her along the way.

“Of course, it’s a completely different dimension. At the same time, I take with me all the experience from Hovedstyret. After all, it is Norway’s largest sports organization”

– Sara Rott

The leader of the nomination committee, Anne Irene Myhr, explains the importance of a board that will be able to work as a team by helping to put sports on the agenda. They have nominated several young candidates on the basis of which they can ensure a renewal and development of the organization.

Sara has a great commitment to sports and volunteering. She has also had time to reflect on what she wants to achieve.

– I have worked actively in the Hordaland idrettskrets. I have always been concerned with the dropout of young people in the sport, which is becoming increasingly relevant. It is positive that they bring in more young people on the board. After all,  the majority of the people we represent are young. Hopefully I can contribute even more insight into that group, ”says Stokken Rott.

We from NTNUI are proud and would like to congratulate Sara!

Group leaders gathering at Studenterhytta

Last weekend, one of the highlights of the semester was held. The group leaders gathering at Studenterhytta. This is an event held every semester by the board, in order for the leaders of the various groups of NTNUI to get to know each other better. Every group had the opportunity to send two people and this year there were 70 participants.

The day started with a seminar about networking with Henrik Karstensen from the Norwegian Confederation of Sports which was followed by a talk from Vilde Aas, who is leader of NTNUI’s para sport group.

The traditional beam relay was, as always, an integral part. The day concluded with a lively dinner, with songs, entertainment and a ceremony for the new board, who officially took over the reins.

As is traditional during the dinner, the new members NTNUI’s Order were announced. The Order is composed of three classes; Grand Cross, Commander and Knight, and is bestowed upon those who exhibit meritable behaviour. As a member of NTNUI’s order, you are a lifelong and honorary member of NTNUI. This year there were seven people bestowed the honour of Knight.

  • Raymond Toft (dancing)
  • Ingrid Houge (rugby)
  • Svenn-Helge Vatne (athletics)
  • Magnus Warvik (athletics)
  • Magnus Sogn (American football)
  • Vilde Aas (para sport)
  • Eirik Palm Hunnestad (volleyball)

The common denominator for all of these were that they have put down a great deal of effort in the administration of, their respective groups, or as a member of the board of NTNUI. Magnus Warvik and Raymond Toft were in addition bestowed the honour on the basis of their efforts in their sports. Long distance running and Akrorock respectively.

After dinner, many finished the evening by going to the sauna and the hot tub. Even though many left a bit tired, all agreed that this had been a fantastic group leaders gathering.

Hope to see you for the next one in September!

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