Rental Scuba Equipment

Please book equipment using this spreadsheet.

Airfilling while we’re moving:

We’re currently moving all our Scuba gear from Gløshaugen to Dragvoll, including compressors et cetera. This means that during december and a few weeks into January our own compressor will be unavailable. In the meantime, we’ve made a deal with a local diveshop, Havsport Dykkesenter to provide air-fills until our own facilities are up and running again. Here the club pays the diveshop, and our members will pay as normally to DG. Please not that air-fills are now only available during the shops opening hours (listed below), or if Jonas Giske opens the store and fills.

Opening hours:

  • Mon, wed, thurs, fri: 10-17
  • Tue: Closed
  • Sat: 10-15
  • Sun: Closed

Adress: Kjøpmannsgata 41

Jonas: Phone or text 976 41 725. Please contact in reasonable time, and note Jonas is easier persuaded with cold drinks at Dypet or other forms of hydration/dehydration.