Ålesundturen 2019 (En)

We’re repeating the success from last year, and return to the beautiful city of Ålesund together with OSI BAUS! From thursday 14th of febuary to sunday 17th of february. We’ll drive from Trondheim, and will be staying at the clubhouse of Aasdk (Ålesund’s diving club).

The facilities there are excellent, with a large living room, sauna and direct access to a dock. You can kit up and down indoors, and there’s only a 15 meter walk to the boat.

Ålesund is also home to several large wrecks, as well as divesites teeming with life and spectacular underwater formations. If you do one dive trip this semester, go to Ålesund!

To join, you must pay as described below, and fill out the form on the bottom.

The trip is partially payed in advance, and partially payed after the trip. This time, the pre-payment is NOK 2300, and is due january the 27th. Should you have any trouble paying internationally, contact your nearest Norwegian DG-member.

Account number:  9801 56 02635.

Here’s the link to the form. 

Registration for ice – diving Heinfjordstua 08-10 February 2019


After last years successful ice – diving trip at Heinfjordstua, NTNUI-DG is organising another ice – diving trip 08 – 10 of February 2019

This trip is the optimal opportunity to experience a world very different from the usual. Are you a diver, free – diver or a person which wises to experience a “unusual” cabin trip, this is an opportunity you do not want to miss!


The capacity on this trip is 20 – 25 persons, where participation are categorised under four groups:

  1. Security diver
  2. Diver
  3. Free – diver
  4. Social

Since ice – diving is defined as an extreme sport, some demands are put onto each of the respective groups.

  • Persons wishing to join as a social have not direct demands.
  • Free – divers that wishes to participate needs to conduct a proficiency test with the organiser (Per Solibakke), where persons with fri – diving course and 10 + fri – dives does not have to conduct this test. The proficiency test can be conducted under NTNUI-DGs Underwater rugby trainings (Monday and Wednesday 21:00-22:30 , Sunday 19:00 – 20:30). Per Solibakke have to be contacted before attending this practice to confirm that he is present under this practice. (Contact: +47 47888199, psolibakke@gmail.com, Facebook)
  • Divers that wishes to participate needs to have Open water certificate with 30 + dives or Advanced with 15 + dives.
  • Security divers that wishes to participate needs to have satisfied  the demands as divers and in addition needs a personal confirmation from the responsible of the security divers (Martin Rønning).

Security divers attending will receive a share of the surplus generated by the trip.

Estimated price for the ice – diving trip is:


600 kr (without rental equipment), 700 kr (with rental equipment)

Non – members:

700 kr (without rental equipment), 850 kr (with rental equipment)

Food and accommodation are included in the price.

To attend this trip answer the following questions on the attendance sheet linked below:

Attendance Ice – diving Heinfjordstua 08 – 10 February 2019

A “wood – dugnad” organised by NTNUI – student cabins will be done by NTNUI-DG before 08 – 10 February 2019 to guaranty the cabin at Heinfjord 08 – 10 of February.

Persons attending this “wood – dugnad” will have a guaranteed spot, along with a discounted price with participation (30 – 50% depending on the time requirement and the amount attending)

For participation on the “wood – dugnad” or any unanswered question concerning the trip, contact the organiser on mail: psolibakke@gmail.com.

Date for the “wood – dugnad” is not confirmed, but will be updated as quick as possible!



Sign-up for Finnedykket 2018

The registration for Finnedykket 2018 is now open.

It’s a week of diving with our finnish friends PSK Kupla from Friday 21st to friday 28th of September.

We have a total of 15 spots, of which 5 are reserved for new DG-members. Should you however be so unfortunate to not get a spot immediately, you’ll be queued in case someone else signs off et cetera.

The deposit for the trip is NOK 3 000,-, which must be payed by 15th of august. This payment completes your sign-up.

Accountnumber: 9801 56 02635

We’ll announce more info later!