Membership Benefits

As a club, some diving stores choose to give special deals on equipment. We do not have any exclusive sponsor-like deal, and this page exists only to let our members know which deals are available. If you are a business or similar, please contact the board to have your deal or offer listed here.

NDFs Safety Fund – Never hesitate to drop weights!

The Norwegian Diving Association offers refunds on lost weights during emergencies for members of clubs associated to them. This means that as a DG-member, you can claim a refund for replacement of lead dropped in an emergency. There’s no criteria of what’s an emergency, so it’s good enought that you feel it’s necessary.

You may read more here (Norwegian):

Other offers from NDF (Flights, boat-licence and more)

NDF also has an extensive list of offers, which you may explore here (Norwegian):

Havsport Dykkesenter &

At Havsport Dykkesenter all DG-members recieve a permanent 15% discount both at the store in Kjøpmannsgata 41, and online at

To use the discount in the physical store, simply ask the clerks. They may ask for proof of membership in the club.

To use it online, please send an e-mail to and provide which e-mail you registered with. Once we have confirmed your membership with DG, we will give you a semi-permanent 15% discount on all purchases.

Please note that this offer does not “stack”. That is, if there’s a sale, you will only recieve one discount. (Otherwise we’d likely loose money on your purchase)